“Our souls are connected by the joyous, timeless experience of soaring flight; the contentment of communing with nature at its most majestic and powerful; and the insight that comes from seeing ourselves as a privileged visitor to a magnificent aerial world.”


16 June 2014

Gliding has given me so much pleasure and fun, such great friendships over the years.  I now find myself giving something back to the gliding movement. For many years I have been a gliding instructor.  For twelve years I was Chief Flying Instructor and Panel Chairman for the Canberra Gliding Club.  Then I became Regional Manager Operations for NSW in the Gliding Federation of Australia.  I now find myself a member of the GFA Executive and Chairman of the GFA Operations Panel.  In this role I hope to add to the modernisation of our national gliding training syllabus and instructional references, improving operations and training standards for our instructors across Australia, and addressing risk drivers that affect our operations safety.  In this role I am responsible to the Board for the entire operational affairs of the GFA as formulated by the Operations Panel, plus negotiations on operational issues between GFA and CASA, ATSB and other government bodies. On on!



Current projects include a new competency based structure and flow for the Glider Pilot Certificate training syllabus, which will provide the structure for a revision of the GFA Instructors Handbook.  We are revising operations and training advice for circuits and landings to address high incidence of wheels up and heavy landings, plus poor workload management in the circuit.  We are developing new training and operations guidelines for using data intensive and portable devices in cockpits without detracting from lookout and situational awareness – avoiding the In Flight Distraction Device (IFDD) syndrome.  We are improving the instructor refresher program with greater emphasis on human factors, adult learning methods, improving radio proficiency and regulatory understanding, plus learning from occurrences and mishaps.



Gliding and soaring is the most wonderful, satisfying sport you can ever experience.  Freedom, exhilaration, excitement, relaxation, aesthetic wonders – soaring flight gives us them all.  It is the most satisfying individual sport in the air, enabled by teamwork on the ground and in the towplane.


Canberra Gliding Club Inc http://canberragliding.org operates from Bunyan AD, north of Cooma NSW.  See the website for details.  Visiting pilots and soaring enthusiasts may visit our Forum at http://canberragliding.org/jforum/forums/list.page

A short film about the joy of wave soaring at Bunyan is on YouTube at http://youtu.be/U1ptMe5flzs or here

Canberra GC owns its airfield at Bunyan, 36º 08′ S 149º 08′ E, and maintains several runways, clubhouse and hangar facilities.  Our proximity to the Snowy Mountains and Brindabella Ranges gives us access to a unique mix of excellent thermal, ridge and wave soaring conditions – hence our airfield is known as the Weather Factory, and the premier wave soaring site in Australia.  Best wishes are in the cooler windy months, particularly approaching the autumn equinox.  See the club’s web page at http://www.canberragliding.org and follow the wave soaring links to our airspace charts and “Waveguide”.

Bunyan Airfield GE Large


Bunyan WAC2 copy

Our club operates two Puchacz dual-seater trainers, and single seater DG303 and Jantar Standard 2 sailplanes, along with a PA-25 Pawnee towplane.  Many syndicates and private owners also keep their gliders on our airfield.  We have good hangar and clubhouse facilities. We have a team of qualified instructors and tug pilots to support our flying operations.

Myself, I love to fly an ASW20L sailplane VH-GVN “Goes Very Nicely”.


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