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I am an accredited licensed practitioner for ENS International, a world-wide, Australia-based network of professionals specialising in negotiation and influencing services.

ENS International has been operating for over 35 years, in over 60 countries, as well as across Australia in public, private and not for profit sectors.

The ENS model is powerful and practical, a holistic and scalable approach to negotiation that is flexible enough to work in all influencing situations. It can be used in all negotiations, from day-to-day interactions to major formal proceedings, from quick encounters to negotiations over many months.

Prior to 1978, when the model was developed, there was no systematic approach to negotiation. ENS International developed their model to fill this need, and have ensured that their tools and techniques have been tried and tested in actual negotiation situations.  Advancements made in negotiation theory and behavioural science  have been continuously incorporated as they have been proven effective.  The ENS process framework captures what works in negotiation.



Communication is the cornerstone of our society, influencing is an integral aspect of communication. I am adept at mentoring and training executives in more effective, influential communication styles and questioning techniques. My strategic advice helps shape the environment in which people behave and make decisions. The ENS approach includes a systematic, enlightened approach to strategic preparation for important negotiations and engagements, as well as a short preparation process.

My professional background includes over 34 years full time service as an RAN officer, and I remain active as a Commodore in the RAN Reserve and member of the RAN Seaworthiness Board.  In my RAN service I have worked in many engineering, personnel, project and program management, headquarters and strategic roles, including service as Director General Navy Certification Safety and Acceptance Agency, Director General Navy Communications and Coordination, and Director General Major Surface Ships.  I was Chairman of the ANZAC Alliance Board and Australian Representative on the multinational NATO Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile Program Steering Committee.

In these latter roles, I had much experience in negotiation or renegotiation of many ship upgrade, shipbuilding, ship system development, in-service support and sustainment contracts.  I had an excellent relationship with many contractors and a reputation for achieving firm but fair negotiation outcomes.  I also had extensive experience in dealing with Ministers, media, government committees, Chiefs of Service and other groups in strategic headquarters, external authorities, and all manner of people dealing with complex issues.  I developed my skills in strategic analysis and multi-level strategies for engagement with stakeholders, mindful of their needs.

On leaving full-time Navy service, I undertook formal accreditation training and consulting programs with ENS International, employing the same negotiation framework as I had successfully used in real Defence negotiations.

I also bring considerable experience and expertise in strategic and enterprise risk management, plus stakeholder analysis tools and techniques, engagement and management strategy development.  These augment the ENS International processes and strategies, providing more robust, multi-stakeholder, multi-level approaches to managing complexity and difficult stakeholders.

Contact Information:

Drew McKinnie
Commodore RANR
Stakeholder engagement and negotiation strategist
Government business lead

+61 (0)447 655717
ENS Head Office: Suite 507, 83 York Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000
A global constituency of Influencing, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Stakeholder Engagement Experts

My track record of ENS International customers have included many programs and projects in the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation, several branches in Defence Support and Reform Group, other Australian government departments, a NZ government department, a global mining and resources company, Australian companies working in Defence and complex systems engineering, plus a not-for-profit advocacy organisation.  Also see my LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=4919706

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