Taking Shape

New pages are being added…

Professional Services – ENS International provides an overview of my negotiating influencing and stakeholder engagement professional support services, to both public and private sectors, through ENS International.

Professional Services – Strategic Support provides an overview of my expert support services to senior leadership teams.

WhiskyDrew Happy Drams page is up and running, with some good news about SMWS events and some Ardbeg and chocolate inspiration.

Drew’s Good Food page is a happy stroll through some news and views about inspirational chefs, great restaurants and favourite research establishments, bars and wineries.

GliderDrew’s Gliding and Soaring page and supporting Gliding Safety page are where comments and resources on unpowered soaring flight will be found.

Flying High General Aviation will explore the many dimensions of powered flight, in a sporting or general aviation context, with useful resources.

Have fun.  Constructive comments are welcomed…

G’day. Welcome to drewmckinnie.com

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